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Taste to Farm Cencini
Company Cencini offers a completely new and renovated tasting room, built in an old farmhouse Maremma.Stock 'for groups and families.
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Farm: Cencini
Area of production: Marsiliana-Guinzoni Manciano
Year: 2009
Product: 2009
Cultivar: Leccino, Olive, Frantoiano, Morellino
Acidity: 0,1-0,2%
System of breeding: to open vase
Surrender /ha: 16-17%
Package: cans from 1, 3 and 5 liters
Expiration: max 18 months from the date of workmanship
Geographical and productive aspect
The olivo is an evergreen, the leaves have the characteristic form to lance, is a plant longeva (they exist oil you secular) and they prefer hilly zones, myths and you ventilate.
The fruit, the olive, is a drupes (as the cherry and the plum), that is a fleshy fruit with a core. The olivo is a plants that it doesn't love the cold and in our zone, Marsiliana-Giunzoni Manciano (Gr), hilly to 150-200mt Slms, it has found the proper conditions for his survival. The moderate breeze of the near sea creates a micro climate that in symbiosis with a clayey-warm ground, they allow the plants to produce its fruits, from which oil of excellent quality is drawn. Between April and May on oil him they appear you the flowers (mignola) and in autumn they mature the olives. The browse (harvest) is done between October and November, the better period of life of the olives, when the maturation is to the correct point, to pick up the perfumes and the more tastes intense, is manually done detaching the olives with care so that they fall on the cloths set under the plant. The olives are delicate fruits, they easily decay and they must be work within the 48 hours from the harvest.
To the crusher the olives have washed with running water, you crush, then redoubts in pasta (gramolatura). The extraction of the oil from the pasta of olives is done with the traditional presses and modern centrifuge that the oil separates from the sansa (solid residue) and from the water.
To get a good oil extravergine of olive to low acidity low temperatures are used during the process of workmanship of the pasta of olives without the use of chemical solvents. From a quintal of olives they are gotten more or less 13-15 Kg of oil extravergine, good surrender that fully exalts the qualitative characteristics of our oil.
Gastronomic combining
The oil extravergine of olive of the Agricultural farm Cencini is in substance squeeze of olives.
In the kitchen him he is able to use raw or cooked, with the bread, vegetables, first dishes.
Nevertheless, for usufruire fully of his taste and of his ownerships organolettiche, recommends him to consume him raw. It contains in fact vitamins and essential fat acids that have an important function of protection of the organism, particularly of the circulatory system.
Characteristic organolettiche
Color: leaf, just veiled (to guarantee of it genuineness) transparency.
Taste: definite and delicate taste.
Perfume: intense and yielded.
Temperature of consumption: 24░C
The preserved oil correctly, to the dark, to a temperature of 13░-16░C, it doesn't lose his values nourishing, the aromas and the tied up tastes to his freshness.
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